Level 3 Experienced Worker Qualification – Installation Electrician

Who is the course for?

This qualification is designed solely for those have been working in the electrotechnical industry as a practising electrician for a minimum of 5 years, have achieved a level 2 electrical qualification (minimum) and wish to work toward an ECS Installation Electrician Gold Card using the experienced worker route; which this qualification forms part of.

Course Cost:

£1800 plus VAT for Experienced Worker Qualification
£54 plus VAT for ECS Experienced Worker Card

Course aims:

The competencies involved with electrical installation and commissioning.

The qualification is made up of performance units which in summary cover: the application of health, safety and environmental considerations, organising the work environment, application of design and installation practices, termination and connection of conductors, inspection and testing, fault diagnosis and rectification.

It also has two units which between them cover BS 7671 wiring regulations, and initial verification (these are the same units that appear in the industry recognised CPD qualifications).

This qualification is recognised by the electrical industry and is supported by the ECA.

While on course we can help you apply for your ECS Experienced Worker Card. You can use this card to prove to employers that you have met the requirements to join the Experienced Worker Qualification and you plan to achieve your Gold Card within the next 18 months.

How will it be assessed?

The learner will be assessed on their portfolio of workbased evidence. They will also have to achieve two on-screen exams (initial verification, and BS 7671 wiring regulations).
The qualification will be obtained by the learner once they have completed the units below:

NETP3/01 Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
NETP3/03 Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment
NETP3/04 Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures
NETP3/05 Terminate and Connect Conductors
NETP3/06 Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems
NETP3/07 Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification
QIT3/001 Principles, practices and legislation for the initial verification of electrical installations
18ED3/01 Understand the Requirements of Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018 (2022)

How long is the course?

Typical duration is between 6 to 18 months, dependant on the type and range of work covered and prior qualifications held.


Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification

Progression Route:

ECS Gold Card as Installation Electrician

Contact Us:

If no dates are available on this page, please call 01932 311 944 or email info@skillsearcher.co.uk

Entry Requirements:

This qualification is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry, apprentices, or those who have completed an electrotechnical technical qualification with less than last five years relevant industry experience.

The 5 years cannot include time you have spent in training, either full- or part-time, for example college-based technical certificates. It means 5 years working solely as an electrician and not in training.

It is a requirement that prior to undertaking this qualification, learners have been suitability assessed by the completion of the qualification’s pre-entry skills scan.

Learners MUST possess the knowledge and understanding comparable to the Level 3 Electrotechnical apprenticeship qualification which can be evidenced by relevant electrotechnical qualifications.

Learners MUST possess a level 2 electrical qualification which can be submitted after you have reserved your place on the course.

The age range of this qualification is 19+, however it is expected due to the five-year industry experience requirements.

For the Performance Units, all aspects of assessment and evidence for completion of onsite units must come after registration on the qualification. You must be working in the industry currently in order to meet this requirement. Work completed prior to registration is not admissible as evidence, even if it is authenticated.

Documents to be submitted:

You will be provided with a section to upload these documents upon completing the payments section of your booking form.

All documents must be uploaded at least 3 days before the course begins. Failure to do so may result in you not being allowed to attend the training sessions.

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